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What if…

  • you could dream bigger than you’ve ever let yourself dream knowing you could actually reach those dreams?
  • you had a system that would ensure that you could actually find the time to work on your goals?
  • you knew how to overcome the inevitable procrastination, lack of motivation, and other self-sabotaging behaviors that always get in the way?
  • you used your goals to excite and motivate you instead of shame and guilt you.

Here is how most people approach goal setting (tell me if this sounds familiar)

You pick some vague that you don’t actually want but just think you “should” go after it.

You have no framework or plan on how to achieve that goal...just a hope and a prayer.

You have no time to actually work on the goal. Life just gets in the way.

Even when you do have time, you can’t get motivated enough to actually work on it. Now you’re confused, because you know you want to reach the goal but you keep procrastinating.

You start beating yourself up for being too lazy, tired, undisciplined, and on and on.

Eventually you just quit pursuing it.

But now, you feel so much worse about yourself. You feel ashamed and guilty that you don’t have the drive to go after what you want.

Eventually, you just stop setting goals! Because going down that shame spiral is crushing!!!

So you’re just going through the motions. Every year starts to feel the same. 

No real goals. No real dreams. No real growth. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Hi I’m Goli Kalkhoran. After quitting my career as a lawyer, I struggled to figure out what to do with my life. But the real reason I couldn’t find any clarity was because I wouldn’t actually let myself dream. My dreams scared me because, deep down, I doubted whether I could ever reach them.

I had tried to set goals before but I always seemed to give up.

I was convinced that I just wasn’t motivated or disciplined enough to reach them.

So I stopped.

I made fun of people who had New Year’s if having goals was the problem 🙄

But then every year started looking the same. I became restless. I knew there was so much more to this life. So much more I wanted to experience. So much more potential.

I became obsessed with figuring out how to go after it.

And through my own journey of creating 2 businesses, a podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads, and a huge audience (all while working part-time), I’ve learned that I was just never taught how to properly think about and work towards my goals.

The goal-setting tactics I was taught would’ve been great if I was a robot.

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It turns out that “just push through” is terrible advice for anyone who has a human brain.

It wasn’t until I learned how to actually think about goalsetting that it changed the way I fully approached it.

And I want to teach you!

What’s included:

A 4-week workshop. We will meet weekly for both training and coaching.

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Week 1

The Goal:
The secret to dreaming big, impossible 1-year goals and actually reaching them

Learn to think about goals in a completely new way. You’ll pick dreams that are going to excite you without attaching your self-worth to it.

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Week 2

The Plan:
Creating 30-90 day plans to reach
those goals

Learn how to chunk down that impossible goal into action plans that let you figure out exactly how to get there. You’ll be amazed at how much of the plan you can figure out when you have the right tools.

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Week 3

The Work:
How to make time in your week to actually work on those goals (*Hint* you only need a couple of hours)

Learn the key to weekly planning that will ensure that you show up week after week to do the work.

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Week 4

The Mind:
Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Learn how to root out procrastination, boredom, lack of motivation and other self-sabotaging behaviors so that you stick with your goals. Seriously. This week alone is worth the entire workshop.

When & Where:

We’ll meet each week on Zoom. But, don’t worry, if you can’t make it live, I’ll send a replay you can watch on your own schedule.


Week 1: Jan 7 4pm pst/7pm est

Week 2: Jan 14 4pm pst/7pm est

Week 3: Jan 21 4pm pst/7pm est

Week 4: Jan 28 4pm pst/7pm est

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Private Facebook Group.

Find a community with people who are also setting their big visions and executing. Ask questions, keep each other accountable, and get the support you need to really step into that vision.

Since you already know that you want to transform your life, make sure you get  in on the amazing bonuses only offered until MIDNIGHT PST on October 16th!! 

Seriously, those who are all-in will get unlimited support throughout the program! It's like having a 1-on-1 coach without the cost!

Check out all of the bonuses below:

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FAST-ACTING BONUSES (Expire Midnight 10/16)

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A 60 min 1-on-1 Intensive Call with Goli.
Whether you want to go in-depth on a major mindset block or you want to knock out your next 90-day goals, you'll get a focused 1-on-1 deep dive whenever you need it most.
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Complete Beginner's Business Toolkit PDF Guide ($99 value).

If you're thinking about starting your own business or side hustle, I've created a guide that will answer all of your questions about websites, hosting, landing pages, email providers, logos, and more...

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Yes, that’s right. You get 4-weeks of coaching, training, and support for $97.

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