Lessons from a Quitter presents:

A 12-week group program to help you get over your fears, find clarity in your next steps, and create an action plan to realize your dreams. 


Make 2020 the year where you finally say goodbye to overwhelm and get the tools to start building your dreams. 



Let’s Get Real For a Second…

When you’re trying to figure out how to get from point A to point Z without knowing the steps, it quickly becomes overwhelming. 

When you’re trying to figure out the path amidst friends and colleagues who think you're crazy for wanting to leave a “successful” career, it quickly becomes impossible. 

The reality is, if you want to increase your chance of success, you HAVE to surround yourself with people that understand you and can help. 

Did you know that you INCREASE your likelihood of achieving a goal by 65% if you have some accountability?!?

That number sky-rockets to 95% if you have a specific accountability partner!

The Stuck to Strategy framework gives you just that and more.

I don’t want you to go another year hating your job, dreading Mondays, living for the weekend, and dreaming of another life. It’s time to do the hard work and get on the path to your dream life. 

This 12-week program includes:

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching: Zoom calls twice a month where we’ll dive into your specific problems 
  • Weekly FB Live Q&A sessions: I'll be doing a lesson and Q&A live in our private FB group every week to answer any questions along your journey
  • Video Lessons: Get tutorials on overcoming limiting beliefs, finding clarity, goal setting, and calendar planning.
  • Worksheets: Exercises designed to help you narrow down your next steps 
  • Private Facebook Group: Get an exclusive online community where you can seek help and support from others going through the same journey and where you can always ask Goli any questions you may have
  • Accountability Partners: Get paired with people in similar situations for weekly check-ins and accountability
  • Expert Calls: Monthly zoom calls with experts in career coaching, financial planning, and more.

Plus, Enroll Today and get the FAST-ACTING BONUSES:

I like to reward action-takers.

So the first 5 people to enroll will get access to these additional bonuses. When they're gone, they're gone. 


BONUS #1: 

A 1-on-1 coaching call intensive with Goli to map out your strategy after the program ends.

($297 value)


BONUS #2: 

Voxing support from Goli throughout the 12 week-program. Send Goli a voice message on the Voxer app and receive guidance and support back from her whenever you need it.

($1000 value)



My complete guide for how to hire a Virtual Assistant to get back 5 hours every week (pssst, it only costs $3-4 an hour and it will change your life)

($147 value)



Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who is ready to make a change and start working towards finding their dream life. 

You feel stuck and miserable in your job.

You have this sinking feeling that there has to be more. This can’t be it.

But you just don’t know what else to do. You want to start a side hustle or find your dream career but don't know where to start.

Whether you already have an idea of what you want to be doing or you don’t, this program will help you gain the clarity you need to figure out the exact next steps and get you started on them. 

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing it, this program is for you!

Who is this program NOT for?

If you’re not ready to make a change yet -- you want another career but you’re not in a position to start working on making that a reality -- then this program isn’t for you. 

If you can’t commit to putting in at least 3-5 hours a week on working on your dreams (don’t worry, we teach you exactly how to find that time), this program isn’t for you. 

If you think that work can never be fun, you just have to hustle and climb the corporate ladder so you can have “security”, then this program isn’t for you. 


"The Stuck to Strategy Program was all that I hoped for..and more! The small group of people working through the program alongside me really made all the difference. The sense of community, encouragement, and kindness shown from everyone was so helpful. I came into the program with a business idea, and I came out of it with tangible advice to help me kick-start it in the strongest way possible. The support from Goli was amazing. She never has a shortage of useful ideas, and she's really great to brainstorm with. Her focus on mindfulness and the mental hurdles that new entrepreneurs or career-changers go through was so vital to moving forward with my goals. What a wonderful experience!"
-Natalie T. 


"Goli's coaching was so on point for what I needed and I've felt confident recommending her to several friends. For me, her insight got me to re-think my plans so I now make more focused effort toward my goals. She's like the viewfinder that helps you hit the bulls-eye! She's great!"

-Laura R.


"Goli’s Stuck to Strategy Program helped me improve my confidence immensely. I now understand that I am capable of accomplishing anything that I put my mind to. I know that I don’t have to settle for a career or life I am not excited about. Worth every penny!"


"Stuck to Strategy was such an eye-opening experience. I thought that to accomplish my goals I needed more technical experience. However, I hadn't realized that I had been neglecting such a crucial aspect to success: mindset. Stuck to Strategy really helps lay down a strong foundation that will help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. Goli's guidance was not only great, but it was also great to meet a group of people with like-minded goals and to share our success and struggles and grow together."
-Luciana S.


"Stuck to Strategy is excellent! Goli is great at providing clear and solid advice. Unlike other coaching groups that don't seem to offer actual resources, this class provides videos, worksheets, human resources, and an accountability partner. I suggest for anyone ready to make a change!"
-Robin K.


"My path was murky. This program brought clarity to my goals, my why, and gave me the tools to move forward. The accountability was huge!  Knowing I would be asked for my “wins” each session created the urgency I needed to make progress toward my goals - real progress!  Thank you Goli!"

- Shelly G. 


Ok, let’s get down to the details:



January 6, 2020 - March 27, 2020


I want you to get WAY MORE than you ever put into this program. If you do the work and don't think it is worth it, I'm happy to refund you 100%. No questions asked. 

Get started on your dreams today!

The cart will close on Wednesday, December 18 at 12pm PST










How much is the course?
$997 or $397 per month for 3 months. 

Do you offer a refund? 
Yes! You have a 30-day money back guarantee! I want you to get more from this course than you put into it. If you do the work in the first month and feel like it isn’t helping, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. 

Do you offer a payment plan? 
Yes! You can pay $397 per month. 

What if I can’t make the Live Coaching calls?
Don’t worry! We’ll tape all of the calls and post the replays in our members’ area. You can also submit questions before the call to make sure we answer them.

How long do I have access to the course material?
Lifetime! You can access the videos and coaching call replays anytime you want. You’ll also have lifetime access to the private Facebook group

What if I have questions as I’m working through the material? 
Feel free to email us any questions you have or post them in the private Facebook group. We’ll answer within 24-48 hours. 

About Me: 

Hi! I’m Goli Kalkhoran. After having my first child in 2014, I decided to quit my career as a lawyer. The only problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do. I also felt crazy for leaving a “successful” and secure career. But I knew there was more for me. I knew that I could create a life on my own terms that didn’t include working 80 hour weeks, constantly feeling stressed, and never seeing my children. 

Over the next couple of years, through lots of trial-and-error and constantly putting myself out there, I figured out what truly lit me up. I started seeing the exact path I wanted to be on and I learned how to create actionable plans to get to my dreams. 

Since leaving law, I have built a photobooth business from scratch. That included designing and manufacturing photobooths, developing software, and learning how to market and sell! I have also launched my own podcast, Lessons from A Quitter, where I highlight other quitters who have left traditional careers in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. My podcast gets thousands of downloads a month and I’m constantly connecting with people all over the world who are starting their #quitter journeys.

I’ve been able to balance my weekly podcast and my business while only working part-time. I get to work on my dreams while also having the flexibility to be at home with my children. I’m here to tell you it is possible. I also don’t want you to go through all the heartache and frustration I went through in finding my path. I can’t wait to teach you exactly what I’ve learned so you can get on your path faster! 

Get started on your dreams today!

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